We are very adamant on ensuring each client has the opportunity to ask any questions they may have. We run every client that comes in through an extensive aftercare talk to educate them on their procedure.                     


We then disinfect the room and set up for your modification. Next we clean the area, and either mark out the piercing or place the stencil for tattooing. Once the procedure is done, we show you that no needles are used more than once by having you watch us put needles in bio-hazardous bins, and finally, all sterilization pouches are stapled to each waiver.                    


We first have you fill out a waiver, outlining risks and ensuring that you're protected as much as we are.​


Tuesday - Saturday      10am to 7pm                      


We use only the highest quality of jewelry for both new and healed piercings, so you can be sure your mod will remain healthy.                       

Our Staff

At our studio, we strive to make all our clients feel comfortable coming to us for consultations, modifications and aftercare or advice. We want all your concerns, fears or nerves calmed when you come to us for our expertise. Feedback is welcome on any of our social media platforms, or by email.

Our Shop

We are all about the best quality for our customers, from the jewelry and aftercare products, to the designs and procedure tools. We use only the best to ensure a healthy modification experience.                      

Our Mission

Meet Dark Day


Our talented artist creates a piece unique to you, whether you bring in inspiration pieces or have him draw you a completely custom tattoo.                 

All In All...

We have reached and maintained an incredible success rate with all of our clients, and we don't plan on letting that change any time soon, and one way that we reach this is by being available for consultation after every modification we perform. Your satisfaction is our goal, so we offer our expertise 24/7 via email or social media. 

Our Modification Process

William Ray

Years of experience: 4

Expertise: Tattooing


Our shop team is here for you and your mod! At any point in the process, if you have questions or issues, we welcome you to contact us, either in person, by email, or any of the various social media outlets you will find in our Contact section. Don't hesitate!                       

Barry Hannah

Years of experience: 18

Expertise: Piercing, laser tattoo removal

Jesye Rosychuk
Years of experience: Apprentice

Expertise: Apprentice